Upholstery Cleaning in Newton Abbot & Exeter

We can give your furniture a new lease of life!
Exceptionally clean & surprisingly dry!

Carpet-Cleaning-Plymouth-1We do a few tests on the fabric to assess it’s soundness for cleaning, followed by:

A thorough all-over dry vacuum, followed by :

  • Powerful hot-rinse extraction, to flush out all soiling and cleaning solutions.
  • Drying of each cushion or panel in turn as near to bone-dry as we can, using powerful air movers.
  • Application of the most effective shampoos and other solutions, eliminating everyday soiling and grease.

We will provide the most effective on-site upholstery clean possible, at a reasonable price and no vat!

Dry clean only fabric? No problem! We are fully equipped to dry clean upholstery on-site as well. We can test, and advise on, your fabric. Good results can be achieved with dry cleaning – although bear in mind it is more expensive.

Stain Protection

We are specialists in Stain Protection, of both Carpets and Upholstery. We can quote you a very reasonable price for stainguard application, and run through the advantages of having it applied.
In some situations it can be extremely advantageous – it’s always worth considering.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet-Cleaning-Plymouth-17As with fabric upholstery we will give the leather a close inspection as there are several different leather types. You will be delighted at the transformation in appearance!

A thorough vacuum, followed by thorough careful cleaning, finishing off with a conditioner protector application (2 applications on high-wear contact areas) will put new life back into your leather upholstery.

The products we use for cleaning and conditioning are the very best available and we review them constantly.